Mobius Response

Mobius Response

Size: 24 H x 36 W x 1.5 in



I typically have a number of ideas or themes in mind that I wish to influence and shape the work. These themes become a kind of "terrain" or context from which I can formally develop a complete art piece. With "Mobius Response", I began with a knot, or the graphic image of a 17th century print of a "Lovers Knot", a beautiful example of Pattern Poetry, a unique art form which incorporates visual and literary impulses. I have always been intrigued by the spatial qualities of knots, especially their graphic way of intimating a compressed spatial depth through the simple use of overlap. I substituted evocative relief patterns for words, the implication being that pattern itself can convey a subtle sense of meaning. There is a strong connection to the tradition in ancient civilizations of incorporating relief sculpture in architecture and stele as a means of pre-literate communication. Encountering this type of sculptural experience, the mesmerizing play of light and deep shadow, the shifting perspective and physical presence, and the process of interpretation still resonates today.

Seven individually hung panels are created using an "earth-forming" technique, a one-off casting method developed by the artist. A dis-solvable "form work" is carved from silt and filled with liquid clay. Over a period of weeks, the silt & clay matrix dries and disintegrates, allowing the clay within to be excavated. Glazed and fired with colored terra sigillata. 

Due to the nature of this process, slight variations occur between each composition. Panels are ready to hang; a full-sized paper pattern is included for easy and accurate installation. Suitable for indoor or outdoor display. Limited edition of 20.

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